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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

Any taxi can and must carry a folding wheelchair at no extra charge. Passengers are not permitted to remain in folding wheelchairs during travel.

We also have a fleet of cabs specifically fitted with equipment to permit the carriage of 1 or 2 non-folding wheelchairs and scooters. These vehicles are referred to as a WAT (Wheelchair Accessible Taxi). Our professional WAT Drivers can provide you with an efficient and personalised service with dual wheelchair access. There is no surcharge for non-folding wheelchairs. If more than 4 passengers are travelling and at least one of them is in a non-folding wheelchair, by law the +50% Maxi surcharge does NOT apply. Passengers may remain in a non-folding wheelchair for the trip so long as there are suitable tie-down points on the wheelchair and proper seatbelt availability within the chair to ensure passenger safety at all times.

Drivers are trained specifically with transporting people with a disability.

To book a Wheelchair Taxi call: (07) 4778 9588 or 131 008