Maxi Taxi

Maxi Taxis are our most versatile taxi around; perfect for larger groups (up to 10 passengers) or that large bulky item that won’t squeeze into a wagon.

Some maxis also offer dual wheelchair access with the ability to also carry up to a maximum of 5 passengers so if you’re heading out to a sporting event or a shopping spree, the Maxi is the way to go!

…And yes they do just take ONE passenger.

To book a Maxi taxi, just call us on 131-008.

Please note that if you specifically request a Maxi Taxi, you may be required to pay a higher Tariff rate, currently 50% higher than the standard rate which works out cheaper than having to take 2 cars.

Note that by law, the maxi tariff does NOT apply for street hails or if any person in the group is confined to a wheelchair, the maxi rate must NOT be applied.

Please refer to our Fare Information section for more information.