How many people can we fit in a maxi taxi?
Up to 10 passengers. Please note that even infants are counted as a “passenger”. Four adults and a baby will legally require a maxi taxi or people mover vehicle.

Does Townsville Taxi supply baby seats?
Due to health and safety reasons, we do not currently supply baby capsules/child restraints. However, all of our taxis have bolts installed for passengers to utilise their own if they choose.
In Australia it is legal for an infant (up to approx 2 years of age or 11 kgs) to travel on the lap of an adult provided they are seated in the back of the taxi.

Why does the price on the meter suddenly jump when we arrive at my destination?
When the meter is stopped, the system will automatically add any extras such as the booking fee (currently $1.50) or airport toll gate fee (currently $3 as charged by Townsville Airport Ltd).

Why does it cost extra to use my credit card?
All taxis in Townsville are fitted with a Cabcharge electronic payment system. When this is used, Cabcharge charge the cardholder a credit card/EFTPOS transaction fee of 10% or $2 whichever is greater to cover the cost of providing the mobile service. This surcharge is added automatically by the Cabcharge processor so neither your Driver nor our Company is able to remove this 10% surcharge.

Drivers have asked me if I want to “share ride” – what does this mean?
Share-rides mean sharing your taxi with other paying passengers who live near or en-route to each other. The meter is set to a special tariff that only charges you 75% of what your normal fare would be. Each passenger pays the full amount that is displayed on the taximeter when they arrive at their stop. Collectively the driver receives more for the trip than a single fare but each passenger pays less than they would as a single fare so it’s a win-win for both the driver and the passengers. You are in no way obligated to share your taxi. However, sharing is a great way to reduce your own costs while moving people more quickly from high demand areas. This service is different from share taxis operating from the FlatFare Rank on Saturday nights. If you have a group of people all travelling together to the same point, a single standard fare applies.

Are drivers allowed to charge a deposit?
​Under Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) regulations; drivers are entitled to charge a deposit equal to the estimated fare.