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Questions our Customers Frequently Ask...


Q: Can I obtain a quote prior to travel?

A: Yes, if you contact our Call Centre we are able to provide a rough estimate of your fare.  You eventual fare will determine on the type of vehicle you are using, the time of day you are travelling and traffic conditions.  Quotes/Estimates are to be used as a guide only.

Q: Are Maxis more expensive than sedans?

A: Only if there are more than four passengers travelling or they are specifically requested. Eg. Moving furniture etc.  Maxi rates are charged at one half more than a standard taxi.  Eg . Standard taxi fare $40 - Maxi fare $60 (standard fare plus half).  All maxis can be used to transfer 4 passengers or less at normal fare rates.

Q: How many people can we fit in a maxi taxi?

A: Up to 10 passengers.  Please note that even infants are counted as a "passenger".  Four adults and a baby will legally require a maxi taxi or people mover vehicle.

Q: Does Townsville Taxi supply baby seats?

A: Due to health and safety reasons, we do not currently supply baby capsules/child restraints.  However, all of our taxis have bolts installed for passengers to utilise their own if they choose.

In Australia it is legal for an infant (up to approx 2 years of age or 11 kgs) to travel on the lap of an adult provided they are seated in the back of the taxi.

Q: Why does the price on the meter suddenly jump when we arrive at my destination?

A: When the meter is stopped, the system will automatically add the booking fee (currently $1.50).

Q: Why is there money owed on the meter before we even set off?  Has the driver turned on the meter too early?

A: No. There is a "flag fall" base fee at the beginning of each taxi fare.  This fee for a standard cab i.e. not a maxi, is $2.90, $4.30 or $6.30 depending on the time of day.

Q: My driver tried to charge me a cleaning fee when I dropped my milkshake! Can they do this?

A: Yes.  It is an offence under Qld State law to eat or drink in a taxi.  If the taxi is soiled, drivers may legally charge an additional "cleaning fee" of up to $100.

Q: Why does it cost extra to use my credit card?

A: Cabcharge charge a credit card/EFTPOS fee of 10% or $2 whichever is greater.  The driver or Company DOES NOT receive this money.

Q: Drivers have asked me if I want to "share ride" - what does this mean?

A: Share-rides mean sharing your taxi with other paying passengers who live near or en-route to each other.  The meter is set to a special tariff and you are charged 75% or what your normal fare would be.  Each passenger's pays the fare that is displayed at their stop.  You are in no way obligated to share your taxi.  However, sharing is a great way to reduce your own costs while moving people more quickly from high demand areas.  This service is different from share taxis operating from the FlatFare Rank on Saturday nights.

Q: Can I request a specific driver?

A: Although we understand that some customers may prefer one particular driver, we are unable to process this request due to Fair Competition Policy.  Similarly, we cannot send a "female/male only" driver due to anti-discrimination regulations.

Q: I've had a bad experience with a driver - can I ban this taxi from my address?

A: Yes, you can certainly ban a specific driver from picking up from your address but by banning a particular taxi you may be discriminating against other drivers operating that vehicle at different times.

Q: I don't have enough money to pay - can I just come into the office during the week?

A: All Townsville Taxi cabs are privately owned, with each driver essentially running his own business.   It is a criminal offence not to pay the balance displayed on the meter upon arriving at your destination.  This is called "Fare Evasion" and carries a penalty of up to $3000.  Police may also issue on-the-spot fines.

Q: If I pre-book my taxi - do I receive priority?

A: No.  If you pre-book your taxi for a busy period such as New Years Eve or Townsville Cup Day, your booking will automatically go into the system with everyone else's at the time the booking is requested.  However, if you pre-book you will not have to call at the same time everyone else is ringing (or you may Email if over 24 hours in advance).

Q: Do I have to pay a booking fee if I hail a taxi on a rank?

A: No.  This fee only applies to bookings created through the Call Centre (booking fees also apply to SMS and on-line bookings).

Q: I would like to make a complaint about a driver or the service I have received, who do I contact?

A: Townsville Taxi has a designated Customer Complaints Officer.   If the Complaints Officer is unavailable, customers are encouraged to leave their contact details and a short summary of their complaint with the Shift Supervisor to log for attention.  Serious complaints may be actioned immediately should the situation be warranted.  If complaints are of a criminal nature, customers may also contact their closest Police Station.

Q: I think I lost my phone in a taxi - what should I do now?

A: You maycontact our Customer Service Centre at anytime on 131008 or 13TAXI from within Townsville or 07-47789555 from the rest of Australia.  Lost property is generally handed in to the office within 24 - 48 hours of being located.    If property is left behind in a taxi, drivers have the right to charge a standard fare to return the item if requested.  Alternatively, items may be left in our office for collection.  (Items are held for a maximum of one month).  However, if goods are left in the boot of the vehicle, it is the driver's responsibility to return these items as soon as possible at no additional charge.

Unfortunately we are not always able to locate missing property so we encourage passengers to take care to ensure they have all belongings before exiting the taxi.

Q: Can I set up a charge account with Townsville Taxi?

A: All Townsville Taxi accounts are managed by Cabcharge.   Applications can be collected from our office or by contacting Cabcharge on 1800 652 229.

However, please note that Townsville Taxi sells pre-paid taxi vouchers that may be used as cash for travel within Townsville (with change rendered).  Vouchers may be purchased for any amount in $5, $10 and $20 denominations.

Q: I forgot/lost my taxi receipt - can I obtain one now?

A: Yes.  If you are able to supply to pick up address and destination, we can locate your booking and supply a receipt.  Please contact Administration on 07 4778 9500.

Q: Can we get a driver to go to a bottle shop for us and deliver our beer?

A: No.  Alcohol can not be transported in a taxi without a passenger.

Q: How does the cab company know my address when I use the automatic booking system?

A: Once you have successfully used a taxi, your address is stored against the phone number you used to book the taxi.  The next time you ring, the CLI (Caller Line Identity) recognises the phone number and asks you if you are at the stored address.  The automatic booking system can be used for anytime you have four or less passengers and are ready and waiting to go.

Q: Okay, I've used auto-answer for a while now but suddenly it didn't work - why?

A: There are a couple of reasons where you may be temporarily unable to use the feature.  The first is if the last taxi you booked from that address was listed as a "no show". Eg. No one actually used the taxi. 

The second reason you may not be able to use the feature is if a taxi is already on the way to your address.  This taxi's meter must engage before you can auto-answer another.  This is to prevent double bookings.

If you have never been able to use the auto-answer feature, it may be because your phone number is listed as private.  Please contact our Call Centre on 131008 to discuss any problems you may be experiencing with this service.

Q: I can't get through on the 13 number.  Is there another number I can use?

A: If there are problems with the 13 network, you may still contact us by calling (07) 4778 9555.  This is also the number you use if calling from interstate.

To find out more about the many different ways you can book your Townsville Taxi, please see "Book a Taxi" on the Customer Menu.