Call Centre

The Townsville Taxis Call Centre offers various career opportunities, casual, Part time and full time positions. Our Call Centre Representatives are trained in the computerised dispatch of taxi jobs. When a customer calls 131 008, the call is answered by the next available operator. The operator enters the details of the job and our automated dispatch system then dispatches the job to the next vacant, available, suitable and ready taxi.

Operator positions in a our Call Centre are extremely important, as they are the front line company representatives when customers call for a taxi.

Although we receive a large number of applications, we are constantly looking to see how a candidate's skills fit our requirements. To ensure that our needs are constantly met, we keep all résumés on file for future reference and will contact you if an opportunity becomes available.

To apply in writing, send applications to:

Townsville Taxis
General Manager
PO Box 159
Castletown, Hyde Park, QLD 4812